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DHOL ACADEMY is committed to providing courses that not only fit every skill level and background, but also infuse our supportive innovative and diverse teaching performance approach.
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Our classes are for anyone aged 5+ focusing on theoretical, practical and technical concepts for enhanced Dhol learning & development. 

Dhol Academy can provide a tailored extravaganza to events of all sizes & nature. For events pricing, please navigate to the booking form via the main home page.

DHOL played by Jasdeep Singh Bamrah
Mix & Mastering by Isher Singh Bahra (Desi Vibes Studio) 
Artwork by Aman Singh 

Dhol Academy can provide a tailored extravaganza to events of all sizes & nature. Please view some of the services we offer below and for further information on pricing please get in touch via our booking form.

Studio Recordings/Filmings/Photoshoots & more

Dhol Academy have professional experience recording Dhol for songs and Jasdeep has also recorded his own Dhol Loops pack (Photo above) containing 26 different Dhol Samples which can be used in your songs/film scores/videos you name it! If you’re looking for a Dholi to feature in your music recording or for your upcoming project, get in touch. We can also provide Dhol Drummers to be in your music videos, films, programmes etc. 

‘Dhol Loops Volume 1 by Dhol Academy’ – Dhol by Jasdeep Singh Bamrah. Mixing & Mastering by Isher Singh Bahra (Desi Vibes Studio). Artwork by Aman Singh
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