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DHOL ACADEMY is committed to providing courses that not only fit every skill level and background, but also infuse our supportive and innovative teaching  & performance approach.
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In Da Dhol Drums

Created in collaboration with Ajay Chhabra, Nutkhut & Walk The Plank – Dhol Academy can proudly claim to have the World’s Biggest Dhol Drum! Yes, you read that right. Whether you’re running a large festival and are searching for an outdoor show, or you want a pop-up performance in the middle of a busy town/city, or even looking for a spectacular half time performance at a sports event – ‘In The Dhol Drums’ is exactly what you’re missing. Imagine a humongous drum being carted to a location (while music is being playing from speakers inside of it) and fireworks/flares shooting from up top. Now imagine this Drum stops at the final location, suddenly opens and 4 Dhol Drummers appear from inside to energise the crowd with powerful, technical drumming. This is exactly what you get with ‘In The Dhol Drums’. The performance can be scaled up or down towards your needs…it really is a showstopper!


Dhol Addiction is the collaborative project we’re working on with East London’s ADDICTIVE TV, and started as a commission by the organisers of the London Mela – the largest festival in Europe celebrating Asian culture, music and food. We were asked to close the 2019 edition with a grand finale, timed up with a huge fireworks display at the end of the show. Artistically cross-pollinated, with live guitar, percussion, electronics, rappers, Indian dance, sampled musicians on screen and plenty of dhols, the show brought a diverse and high energy ‘traditional meets 21st century mixed-media’ vibe to the finale. 

Private weddings & events

Our team of Dhol drummers are ready to perform on their own or as a team at all types of events. We can perform live Dhol or with music depending on your requirements – we have created music sets that we can perform to if needed. We can provide background music entertainment, perform classical Dhol, bhangra dancers and more. We also work with Baja Beats UK and can provide a Brass band to accompany our Dholis for your Bharaat.


We have performed as part of many processions over the years, the London New Year’s Day Parade, Newham Carnival, Nottinghill Carnival and many more. Our team will add colour and energy to your procession, bringing purely good vibes and music! We’ve performed with over 30 Drummers before as part of a procession, imagine the thunderous sound of 30 Dhols walking through your town/city. When you hear it, your body will take over and you’ll just want to dance!


Jasdeep has professional experience recording Dhol for songs and has also recorded his own Dhol Loops pack. If you’re looking for someone who a Dholi to feature in your music recording or for your upcoming project, get in touch. We can also provide Dhol Drummers to be in your music videos, films, programmes etc.


We offer workshop packages which can be tailored to your requirements. Our Workshops are based upon the concept of Indian Classical music. Not only do participants gain an understanding into the basics of Dhol, but they also develop their mathematical knowledge and grasp of the musical language.
We can also hold workshops where we provide the Dhol Drums – these need to be booked in-advance and with smaller groups. Bhangra dancing workshops can also be arranged.

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